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Screw Counter – SCOUT Ⅱ

Detailed Description

  • Input power : 30~40VDC from KT-38D(FT-40D)
  • External power of 24VDC, 1A for Hybrid controller
  • Available tools KT-38D, FT-40D, HDC-30i, HDC-40i
  • No of Program 8 programs
  • Count number 99 for each program
  • Screwdriver port
  • ports for KT-38D (FT-40D)
  • port for HDC-30i, HDC-40i
  • Com port RS232C, USB(B)
  • Program share Maximum 4 screwdrivers(w/ KT or FT) can share one program
    ※ Only KT-38D ver.lower than v4.3 can be used


Series features

  • Maximum 5 screwdrivers can share one program of Scout
    (4 of KT or FT through A,B,C,D port + 1 extra one through 25P I/O )
  • OK / NG judgment for each fastening
  • Display of the remained screw number to be fastened
  • Variable signal type of the cycle start and stop
  • Error display with beep sound
  • Display of the fastening error information
  • Built in Fastening time measurement function
  • No extra power is required for KT-38D, FT-40D
  • External power (24VDC) is required for HDC or other tools through 25P I/O


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